Anonymous said: So I just saw that pic of your body and you look pretty good Wouldbethebigspoon/10


don’t you bring your cutlery fetish in my inbox

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Anonymous said: What is even the point of your blog? Just laughing at people who get butthurt over stuff? Way mature.

I’m finally getting honest to god anon hate

I’ve hit the big time :’)

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Anonymous said: Are you trans or something? You know that genderoftheday blog doesn't want cis people to reblog their content?

Lol why you pickin’ on lil ol me and not the 2000+ follower meme pages that reblog their stuff?  

In all seriousness if they really have an issue with me reblogging their content and giving them notes then by all means I will gladly cease doing so should they ask.  I won’t stop just because an anon is asking me to not laugh at a page’s jokes.

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when your white friends defend you


when you defend your white friends


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Tonight’s Gender of the Night is: What’re you buying?

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Solid Snake
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